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Industrial corrugated box

Technology and innovation have sure changed the way businesses work around the world. Not just businesses, the consumer has evolved too. With higher connectivity and awareness, the modern consumer is more responsible. They are aware of their precise needs, uncompromised product and also the overall experience. This includes the packaging. Unboxing too is an experience the consumer wants to value. The rise in awareness about eco-friendly and sustainability too has made a remarkable difference in how businesses look for packaging and protective options for their products.

At TSW, we understand this big leap in consumer psychology and have reinvented packaging for the new and rising world. What we offer is not just packaging but also peace of mind. We assure you global standard quality solutions!

The challenges –

Its not just a big brown box anymore! Packaging plays a pivotal role in businesses. Right from the manufacturing to transit, delivery and end user, how the product is packed can make or break your product and brand.

Our solutions –

Our solutions are simple, yet highly efficient. We serve multitude industries – right from the smallest pizza box to the biggest heavy duty industrial packaging or sea-worthy boxes – we make it all.

We always believe in Customer first. We ensure our products live the promise so that our consumers and their brands are safe.

How TSW can help your business…

We have grown to serve customer highest quality packaging, in best prices. We offer not only products but also complete packaging services.

  • Contract packaging is an end-to-end service we offer, where we take full responsibility of packaging for your product. Right from research, product development and design to packaging, transit and delivery, TSW takes care of all your needs. You can focus on key areas of your business while we take care of the complete packing, protecting and shipping for you. No need to worry about multiple inventories, vendors, stock shortage, etc. Rest assured with peace of mind with TSW Contract Packaging Services.
  • Suited for all industries, it can be customized to suit your needs and product safety requirements.
  • With research and innovation, we have designed high strength boxes, that give ultimate protection even in heavy loads and massive products, irrespective of industry.
  • They are light weight option – compared to other packing like wooden boxes. Easy to load and unload, they also make transit for long distance fast and reliable.
  • Corrugated boxes help keep the product safe, but we also have a range of products that help them from any impact, pressure during storage and transit. Our air dunnage bags, air flex cushioning and edge boards offer enhanced protection.
  • TSW also provides lashing and strapping solutions, steel straps, specialty tapes and others.
  • We offer superior corrosion prevention solutions like VCI paper, VCI bags, Silica Gel, Desiccants, rust prevention and cutting oils.
  • Not just packaging, our corrugated boxes also add an aesthetic appeal. They can be used for branding, with custom sizes and printing.
  • We believe in sustainability, and we ensure our every product does more benefit to our consumer and less harm to the environment. We provide options that replace conventional solutions like wooden boxes.
  • Our packaging solutions are recyclable, and reused multiple times.
  • TSW innovates responsibly to ensure every step is a step closer to making the world greener and safer.


The future of India …

Corrugated packaging market is booming. With the fast-paced world, rise in e-commerce and growing demand, it is to remain in the limelight for long, without a slowdown. With TSW, bring your business to the forefront, get a competitive edge with safer and reliable commitment to your consumers.

If you are looking for customized, cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging solutions for your business, connect with TSW today. Irrespective of the industry and complexity of the product, we assure you the best-in-class customized solution.

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