TSW Packaging

Contract packaging

We offer contract packaging – a one-stop end-to-end bespoke solution, that completely transforms your packaging needs with an assurance of the best packaging solutions irrespective of the size or type of product, and both tangible and intangible benefits.

Contract packaging / TCO Framework

Contract packing is a service, where all your packaging needs, right from packaging to shipping, is taken care of by our expert team. We provide you with everything under the roof with a streamlined process, tailor-made solutions, machinery, labor, administration, total material supply, etc.
With a single point of contact for packaging process, you can focus on your core activities and product. By saving time, labor and costs, you can invest in product innovation, or new machines, than on packaging. We also provide complete skilled labor, so you don’t need to worry about labor costs, unions and other legalities related to work-force employment.
Contract packaging also eliminates the need to procure from multiple vendors. With 30 days safety stock in the warehouse, you can reduce and eliminate the risk of shortages or delays.
We raise the invoice for your packaging after dispatch and the costs are based on per product pricing, which is fixed for a year. This assures you a guaranteed fixed price for your product, reducing total cost inflations due to fluctuation in market prices.

Packaging audit

Auditing by team for packaging requirements.

Testing & evaluation

Our expert team evaluates the existing packaging process.

Design & development

Detailed study and design for the best packaging option.

Execution / Implementation

Precise execution and implementation of packaging process.